Transforming Patent Professionals into Superheroes!

Claim Mirroring

  • Draft a single claim set and automatically mirror those claims into other statutory categories
  • Eliminate drudgery and save time versus copy-paste and manually editing verb conjugation, preambles, and claim dependencies
  • Fully customizable with your preferred preamble and body style

Drawings & Descriptions Insertion

  • Insert commonly used drawings and corresponding description with automatic numbering of figure and reference numbers
  • Eliminate annoyance of renumbering figures and reference numbers copied from another application
  • Insert comments to help customize the figure to the invention

Abstract Generation

  • Automatically insert an abstract generated from a claim
  • Customizable to generate abstract as a single sentence or separate sentences per claim step

Claim Dependency Auto-Update

  • Automatically update claim dependencies after inserting or removing a claim
  • Eliminate annoyance and errors of manually fixing claim dependencies